Mini uploadserver + weather website combi pack

A WUS02-webpack consists of:

A standard meteobridge weather upload server.

Your own completely plug&play weather website. Your weather website will be hosted at myownweather.eu, a web site of Weerhuisje.nl.

Is a weather station also incuded?

No, the WUS02-webpack is being shipped excluding a weather station. Supported weather stations can be found in the product description.

How about support for extra sensors?

Alongside the standard temp/hum/wind/rain sensors also Davis UV and Solar sensors are being supported. Additionally the Instromet sun hours sensor is being supported on the weather website. Other sensors cannot be incuded in the setup.

Is it possible to adjust the look and feel of my weather website?

The main structure of the site has a fixed format.

Many items/pages can be shown/hidden at your own choice. Also the front page offers space for a (forecast) message.

One page of the site is free to be fully populated with text and images by the user.

Optional you can have a weather cam included. Personal social media links are available to add to your site.

You can change the banner, banner text, header texts and add a (temporary) message to the banner. A free banner pack is also available for download.

Do I have to pay for using the weather website and web space?

The web pack includes setup and usage for the first year. For more info check the Conditions page.

Can I decide the name to be used for my weather website?

Yes, you can.

To enhance searchability on the internet words like: weather/meteo station and you location are recommended key words. I.e: "meteolondoncity"

How long does it take to complete my web pack order?

Setting up the WUS02 webpack will generally take one business day. Once the weather station and WUS02 meteobridge are connected and powered your data will instantly be uploaded.