Frequently asked questions

More info about your own weather website

Isn't it difficult such a personal weather website?

How hard can it be?
  • 1. You have / buy a WUS02 meteobridge supported weather station.
  • 2. Think of a name for your weather website.
  • 3. Buy the WUS02-Webpack, install it and your weather data will be online within 5 minutes!

Making adjustments to your weather website.

  • Via the user page (wheel on the menu bar) you can make adjustments to the weather site.
  • Another banner, switch on/aff elements visibility or feed your personal page, everything through the user page.
  • The user page itself is provided with all kinds of instructions for use.
  • To help you on your way, we have made an instruction video. View it here: Weather website userpage.

Is there an app for the smartphone?

The own weather website is a responsive website. The presentation of the site is automatically adjusted to the type of screen (smartphone / tablet / computer screen) for optimal viewing. Therefore you don't need an app.

Can I use my own weather station?

Several types of weather stations are supported. Like e.g. Davis and various types of La Crosse, Oregon, TFA, Cresta, Mebus, Irox etc. For a complete overview see the WUS02-Webpacks on

Can I send Twitter messages with the WUS02-Webpack?

Yes, you can. In addition to the regular uploads for the weather website, uploads to Twitter can also be provided. With the additional Twitter option to be purchased, the tweets will also be shown on the site.

Can I also send email alerts with the WUS02-Webpack?

Yes, you can. You can have your own warning e-mails sent out when exceeding a set weather value. In addition, regular e-mails can also be sent with current weather data.

How often is the weather data being updated?

The gauges are refreshed every 10 seconds. The other weather data is reloaded every 5 minutes.

If I already own a domain name, can I continue to use it?

Yes, you can. You can link your own domain name to your weather website on If you do not have a domain name yet, you can register one with a provider. Make sure you include a link through service.

The temperature gauge is at -20 and none of the gauges changes.

Upon initial start of the WUS02, or after a restart, it may take an hour before the meters are activated. The other weather data is up to date within 5 minutes.

Can I add additional sensors?

Besides the standard sensors (temp / air / rain / wind) a Davis UV and / or solar sensor can be added. Also the Instromet sun hours sensor is supported on the wbsite. Additional temperature sensors are not supported.

After 20 minutes I get the message "Page auto-update limit reached ..." on the Home page. What's that for?

Every refresh of the meters costs data traffic. The timer prevents unnecessary data traffic due to open pages of potentially many users.

How can I restart the meters after a timeout occurs?

You can reload the page by clicking on the message text led, or by reloading the page in the browser.

If I refresh the gauges page, the gauges do not respond immediately.

After a timeout it can take a few runs before the gauges display new values.