Conditions for using a weather website at

Below you will find the conditions that apply to the use of the weather websites on When using the weather website, which is hosted via, the user indicates to be familiar with, and agrees to deal with the terms of this agreement.

Purpose of the agreement

Clarifying the responsibilities of stakeholders.

Article 1: Parties and definitions (or Weerhuisje): owner of the weather website, and provides web space for the hosting of weather websites, furthermore to call the weatherweb hosting service. is part of Aageka webshops based Oranjekanaal ZZ 23 in Hijken, The Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce number 54566088.

User : A natural person or company accepted by that has accepted the conditions for use of the weather website, made available by

Start date : Date on which the weather web hosting service is made available to the User.

Subscription period : Year (or years) prior to renewal date.

Renewal date : Start date plus any full year of participation.

Article 2: Use of the hosting service

2.1 The weather web hosting service will be maintained by to the best of its ability. The required web space will be hosted at a professional web hoster.

2.2 can not be held liable for failure of the weather web hosting service. will do everything in its power to prevent failures. In case a problem occurs will do its utmost best te fix the problem.

2.3 In cases where the weather web hosting service makes use of embedded content from other websites, integrated advertisements may be displayed on it.

2.4 User can in no way claim compensation for damage of any nature whatsoever arising from the use of the weather web hosting service.

Article 3: Extension of participation

3.1 The first year of use of the weather web hosting service is included in the price of the relevant purchased product.

3.2 About one month before the Participation Period expires, the user will receive an announcement by e-mail with the date of the end of the Participation Period. A reminder mail will be sent a few days before the Participation period expires.

3.3 In the aforementioned mail(s), user is referred to the article to be ordered for the extension of the Participation Period.

3.4 If the user does not respond to the aforementioned extension, Weerhuisje will place the user's weather website on (partially) inactive. If no extension of the service is purchased after 60 days from the date of renewal by the User, Weerhuisje will proceed to completely remove the User's weather website and the agreement between the user and will be dissolved.

Article 4: Content placement

4.1 User will not publish or offer information via the weather web hosting service that is in conflict with local laws. This includes, but is not limited to, information that is offered without the permission of the copyright holder (s), information that is libelous, threatening, abusive, racist, hateful or discriminatory, information containing child pornography and information that violates the privacy of third parties or form of stalking, as well as hyperlinks, torrents or other references to such information on third party websites anywhere in the world (even if the information in the relevant jurisdiction would be legal).

4.2 will handle complaints from third parties if they believe there is an abuse as mentioned before. If a complaint is justified in the opinion of, is entitled to remove the material or make it inaccessible. In that case, is also entitled to provide personal data of the User to a reporter or the competent authorities. will inform User about the course of this procedure.

4.3 In case of possible illegal information, is entitled to report this. can hereby provide all relevant information about the User and the information to the competent authorities and perform all other actions that these authorities request from in the context of the investigation.

4.4 In the event of repeated (well-founded) complaints about the information offered by the User, is entitled to terminate the availability of web space.

4.5 User indemnifies for all damage resulting from the above. is not liable for any damage that User suffers as a result of an intervention by in the context of the complaint procedure, even if the complaint proves to be incorrect and the information is not in conflict with local law.

4.6 User shall refrain from hindering other Users or internet users or causing damage to the servers. The User is not allowed to start processes or programs, whether or not via the server, of which the User knows or can reasonably suspect that this will obstruct or do damage, other Users or internet users. It is strictly forbidden to add or remove any form of code to or from pages. will inform User of any measures taken.

4.7 User will adhere to the generally accepted rules of conduct on the internet as recorded in RFC1855 ( and future modifications thereof.

4.8 Without the permission of, the User is not allowed to transfer the username or user names and passwords or passwords provided by to third parties.

4.9 can set a maximum for the amount of storage space or data traffic per month that the User may use in the context of the Weerweb hosting service. If this maximum is exceeded, is authorized to charge an extra fee, in accordance with the amounts for extra data traffic that are mentioned on the Website. No liability exists for consequences of not being able to send, receive, store or change data if an agreed limit for storage space or data traffic is reached.

4.10 User hereby grants an unlimited license to distribute, store, transmit or copy all materials distributed by the User via's systems in any manner deemed appropriate by, however only to the extent that this is reasonably necessary for the performance of the Agreement by

4.11 In addition to the obligations under the law, damage resulting from incompetence or failure to act in accordance with the above points will be at the expense of the User.

Article 5 Changes and termination

5.1 User can stop taking the weather web hosting service at any time. No costs are associated with this for User. The User will inform Weerhuisje in writing (for example by e-mail) of the termination of the agreement. Weerhuisje will take care of removing all content concerning the weather website of user on as soon as possible.

5.2 Weerhuisje is entitled at any time, for whatever reason, to terminate the weather web hosting service. User is informed by of the termination. User can in no way claim compensation for damage of any nature, resulting from the termination of the weather web hosting service. Should Weerhuisje decide on a planned termination of the weather web hosting service then Weerhuisje will inform the user of this as soon as possible in writing. Weerhuisje will make every effort to notify a planned termination of the weather web hosting service at least one year before the actual termination to the user.

5.3 Weerhuisje does its utmost to present the weather content as optimally as possible. Weather content can be adjusted, supplemented or deleted at any time by Weerhuisje and without prior notification.

5.4 The agreement can be adjusted by Weerhuisje at any time. Changes to the Terms and Conditions for use of the weather website are placed on this page and normally enter into force 14 days after publication, in case of changes due to legal reasons, these changes become effective immediately. Changes will not be applied retroactively. If the user does not agree with the changed terms and conditions in the agreement, he or she must immediately stop using the weather web hosting service. The User will immediately inform Weerhuisje of this.